Blackaby & Pearce

Blackaby & Pearce have been trading in Harrow since 1966 when Gerry Blackaby and Barry Pearce decided to branch out on their own after working together for Colin Strang of Strang Motors Ltd. They soon moved into our current premises at 101 Headstone Road and by 1972 had taken on the Ford franchise. Over the following years the company expanded into 103 Headstone Road and converted the buildings into what you see today. As the business grew we then acquired 111 Headstone Road to accommodate our customer parking, and now our used Van Sales 

The company is run today by Gerry and Barry’s sons Martin and David, who have continued with the same attitude to customer service that was always important with their parents. They have been supplying new and used Ford cars within Harrow and surrounding areas since the 70’s and still retain many of those original customers. They both feel that it’s better to look after and retain existing customers as hopefully they will pass on their good experiences to friends and family. 

The most recent change to the company is that from the 1st May 2017 they have relinquished the relationship with Ford Motor Company. The decision was made because Martin and David felt the the significant changes to price structures and dealership requirements meant that they found it increasingly difficult to provide the breath of service, flexibility and value for money that they are committed to offer their clients. This does mean they are no longer limited to sell just new cars and that they will continue to offer the wide range of quality, bespoke and professional routine and repair services that they always have; without being limited to Ford price structures and business criteria.