Motability Schemes

Motability Schemes. Which is best for you? 

There is a scheme available: Contract Hire. The most popular option is the Contract Hire scheme. The differences are listed below. If you’re not sure which one would suit you best, contact our Motability Specialist who will be more than happy to help you choose. They'll also be able to process the application and organise all the paperwork for you.

Contract Hire

This is probably the most straightforward and flexible option. You simply assign your allowance to Motability and get a brand new car every three years. Your allowance covers most of the running costs. All you have to do is fill your car with fuel.

Your agreement includes:

A brand new Ford of your choice every three years
Insurance, loss and damage protection, personal accident cover for named drivers and passengers
Servicing, maintenance and repairs at your Ford Dealer
Full breakdown assistance from the RAC
Window and windscreen replacement at no extra cost
A 60,000 mile allowance during the three years
Free replacement tyres fitted by Kwik-Fit
The most popular adaptations arranged through your Motability accredited Ford Dealer

There are many vehicles available at no additional cost to your allowance, but if you do want a higher specification vehicle or one of our larger cars, you will need to pay an additional one-off ‘Advance Payment’ when you sign for your new vehicle.


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